Growing Your Prayer Life : Six Principles to Plant Deeper Roots and Bear Greater Fruit


What if you could learn to pray just like Jesus did? Imagine knowing God's hand on your life and seeing His provision for your every need. If you yearn to experience a stronger, more meaningful connection with God, prepare to be amazed at the truths revealed within the world's most famous prayer. Pastor Dale Roach shares insights from the Lord's Prayer, together with personal testimony of a God who loves to hear us and provides for our every need. You will be challenged to look more honestly at yourself and inspired to come before God in worship and intercession. In this book, you will learn: -The six Prayer Principles that will change your life -How all prayer must stem from worship-not the other way around -What "lead us not into temptation" really means -Why forgiving others is key to spiritual growth -How to set up an effective prayer group in your church Plus, workbook sections will help you apply these lessons as you begin to transform your life by honoring and glorifying God through prayer. If you long for a deeper, richer relationship with God, begin reading Growing Your Prayer Life today-and discover how you can meet Him afresh through the words His Son taught us.


Dale Roach
Paperback | 104 pages
140 x 216 x 6mm | 132g
Publication date
01 Mar 2018
Sermon to Book
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white