The Issue with British History


NASA research of earth-moon mechanics by astrophysicist Robert Newton leads mathematicians of MSU Dr. Fomenko to a breakthrough in the world chronology in general and history of Great Britain in particular. 'The Issue with British History' shows, on one hand, how much shorter than generally presumed it really is, but, on the other hand, it underscores the major role Great Britain played in the World History. Indeed, England, a small non-significant and underpopulated province of the Great Evil Empire of Eurasia stepped in XVI century in his own way to greatness, becomes within barely 300 years the World Empire that ruled the waves where the sun never set down! Indeed again, the Isle of England was the first country where old nobility was replaced with new gentry loyal to its King, the first to confiscate most of the Catholic church riches, free itself from the clutches of Roman Curia, and to introduce literacy and basic sciences. After the rule of the King Henry VIII that deeply transformed England in 1509-1547 and the rule in 1553-1558 of Queen Maria I Bloody Mary who tried and failed to return England to the Catholic fold, the re-establishment of Roman Catholicism was definitely reversed by in Elizabeth I that ruled in 1558-1603. During the 45-years of the Elizabethan Era, instead of dancing and dueling à la française, the Gentry was put to learning sciences, building the Royal Navy to ensure the British maritime supremacy, colonization, licensed piracy, and trade. Regretfully, British scholars of XVI-XVII th centuries based their historical writings on the consensual chronology of the French Kabbalist Scaliger and Jesuit Petavious. Dr. Prof Fomenko et al analyzed the english sources they used and put under scrutiny the consensual, i.e. Scaligerian version of the "ancient" and mediaeval chronology of Britain. His verdict: the British history is most likely to have been extended arbitrarily, and quite substantially so. To express the deep gratitude of the world scientific community to the British historians of Oxbridge for warping of the timescale - the cover of the book presents Jesus Christ by Tintoretto showing the true time of Big Ben. The British scholars have 5 years of scheduled repair of Big Ben to review in an adequate manner the History of Great Britain in line with the presented by Dr. Fomenko data. Prescient Saint Augustine warned: 'be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth!'.


Dr Anatoly T Fomenko
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04 Oct 2017
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